Allow Your Mailing Address to Simplify your UK Shopping Adventure

The mailing address you have says a lot about you. This fact is applicable for both individuals and all varieties of companies. An address that originates from a metropolitan locale has the potential to literally make your associates green with envy. Best of all, entities to which you correspond often assume that you live or run your business from this very address.


Everyone has an opportunity to impress personal or business connections in just this manner by working with a company like Skypax. Domestic and international clients merely use their London address to do business with you. Not only is their UK-based location secure, but it affords you the security of never having to publicize your own home or commercial locale.

Working with a team that handles your mail and shipping arrangements comes with a host of benefits. To begin with, they have the ability to receive your mail and packages. Trusted employees also regularly engage in any mail redirection you may require. Important correspondence and packages are sent to your true address, holiday home or elsewhere in the world with the highest level of discretion.

Commercial shipping and handling

Obtaining a secure mailing address in London simplifies the process of purchasing merchandise from UK-based stores. Skypax team members are well-experienced in the art of receiving, shipping and handling delicate items. This goes for inbound shipments, outbound mailings and purchases that must be addressed with a firm sense of confidentiality.

Freight from domestic and international airlines are never far away from Skypax’s South West London location. This address is conveniently situated for anyone who relies on goods shipped to and from local airports. It doesn’t matter whether this amounts to a single box or multiple pallets filled with products that will eventually be routed onto the marketplace.

Concierge Services

If you make purchases from UK-based online stores, you’ll quickly find that Concierge Services make the experience even more enjoyable. Unfortunately, many online merchants in the United Kingdom do not accept international credit cards. However since your mailing and shipping address is based in London, your personal Concierge is able to streamline the process.

When making purchases from online merchants, your Concierge will need the basics. These include the website or purchase link of your intended purchase. Shoppers must additionally include such necessities as the product code, size, color and other pertinent information. With this background, your Concierge Specialist is usually able to place your order within 24 hours of having received your request.

Bespoke arrangements

Once your order has been received, you are notified via email. Your order is then checked to make sure it meets your exact bespoke qualifications, professionally packaged and sent directly to you using your choice of international shipping options. Should you desire something which can only be obtained over-the-counter, a Concierge Specialist becomes your on-site Personal Shopper. Be it an exclusive retail shop or trendy boutique, your chosen merchandise will be purchased and sent wherever you desire.

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