The demand for smart-phones has greatly increased in the past few years and the mobile industry has justified this demand by providing new and better smart-phones on a regular basis. Organizations have realized that the market for their products and services is now shifting towards mobile phones as more and more potential customers are aligning […]

Digital cameras changed the world of photography, and smartphones with inbuilt high-quality cameras completely transformed photography. Today, anyone armed with a smartphone and mobile applications can create striking and artistic photographs in a matter of minutes. This article discusses the five best mobile applications for photographers. Anyone who thinks that mobile phones are used only […]

In today’s soaring technological pace, wireless network technologies are dominating every facet of lifestyle, be it professional or personal. Considering the fierce competition in business ambiance every business activity carried out in an organization is accessible through hand-held devices like smart phones. Business owners are increasingly being dependent upon their smart phones, through which they […]

Mobile application development has significantly gathered pace in recent years. A steady increase in the number of developers working on this platform has been witnessed. With the focus of developers on this platform, the number of mobile applications is also accelerating drastically. The applications emerging are more creative and innovative than the ones before. The […]